Monday, November 14, 2011

A New Take on a Shadow Box

I was so excited when my mom brought over an extra shadow box for me to use! I knew I wanted to fill it with things from the boys, but I wasn't sure what at first. Eventually, I ended up with the shoes, hospital bracelets from the birth, their first baby hat etc.  Considering how excited I was, it was pretty sad how unexciting I just made it look. Not to mention that the boys' room is decorated with cars & trucks. The 'baby' shadow box just didn't seem to make sense their room, much less anywhere else in the house. I left it that way for a few months until I found some inspiration, & a lot of hot wheels & here was the finished product!

I think this is way more fitting! Plus it's something that both boys really love, which is exactly what should be in a shadow box. We filled with HotWheels from when I was little, & of course HotWheels that both of the boys picked out. Plus we all got to work on it together & it only took a few minutes!

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