Monday, November 28, 2011

Leftovers Anyone?

So how was everyone's Thanksgiving last week? I would be willing to bet that you ate a lot of turkey, & I'd also be willing to be that you still have a lot of turkey left over. Instead of the usual turkey sandwich for all those leftovers you have laying around, why not try a different way to use all that turkey? All you're going to need for this recipe is some cheese (I used colby for this recipe but it's great with any kind of cheese you like), turkey (again, for this I used deli sliced ham but any meat would be appropriate), & some crescent rolls.

Now, lay out all the crescent rolls, but instead of breaking them all into the triangles that you normally would, press two of the triangles together to make a rectangle instead.

Next you place as much cheese as you would like on the crescent rolls. I like to slice mine thin so it melts into everything really well. 

After that you just put the meat right on top. This is where your shredded turkey leftovers would be perfect ;)

Then you roll 'em up & bake them according to the Crescent Roll directions!

& that's that! Enjoy!

You can also find the original recipe & other adaptations here. Thanks for stopping by guys!

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